Monday, September 24, 2007

Do Flu Shots Save Lives?

In the last 30 years I have had three flu shots - all mandated while I was on active military duty. They always gave me a sore arm and I felt less than great the next couple of days. I have only had the flu once in all those years and it only lasted a couple of days.

According to "Archives of Internal Medicine" and the papers from the "National Institute of Health" and "Centers for Disease Control", here is some sad news. After more than three decades of collecting data, the fact is that flu shots to the elderly have not saved one life.

After years and years of flu shortages, flu panic, and the general feeling among seniors (instilled by their doctors and the press) that "you're going to die if you don't get a flu shot," we now know the sad fact. More that 30 years of flu shots have not only failed to save lives, they've not saved any lives -- this according to researchers and the NIH and CDC.

Besides their nonexistent lifesaving benefits, you have to consider the additional depressing data about flu shots. They often cause flu, they impart a pathetic 50% protection (about the same odds as with no shot), they are dangerous and carry serious side effects that can be permanently crippling, they contain mercury which has been shown to increase your odds of getting Alzheimer's ten fold, and despite the dangerous dose of mercury, the shots are prescribed in double-dose for infants. So given all this, what do all the "experts" say now that the cat is out of the bag?

Expert Mumbo Jumbo

The experts say that "vaccination should be centered in schoolchildren." And "these results don't contribute to changing vaccination policy." And "the best way to help the elderly is to vaccinate them." And "if we really want to make a difference and control influenza, we have to change the policy. We have to vaccinate large numbers of children." And "for senior citizens the risk of dying from the flu is very low -- about one in 1,000. Seniors should try to get flu shots, but should not panic if the vaccine isn't available."

Talk about being stuck in dogma that is hopelessly outdated: No, the flu isn't really dangerous for seniors. And the shots don't save lives, but you should get one to save your life. And of course the favorite, let's poke the kids a couple more times with another mercury-laden shot. As if they aren't already shot up enough with more than 20 doses of vaccines before age two! The best advice remains the same as it has been throughout the flu shot debacle. Save your money, save your brain, save your health, and save your kids' health -- say NO to the flu vaccine.

How to Avoid the Flu

Just what should you do to avoid the flu? Simply, you must eat a healthy diet with lots of protein. Without enough protein you will never be able to fight flu or more serious problems. You should go easy on, or avoid completely, wheat and processed foods. Supply your body and immune system with the raw materials it needs to fight infection.

Parts of this article are excerpts from research papers.

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